TV Programs of My Childhood

Wednesday, October 06, 2010 Nicajoice 0 Comments

I was out of office yesterday, and for the whole day I was just in bed watching TV with my niece, crawling, giggling and rolling over countless times. She is such a bundle of joy. I was supposed to rest to recover from my annoying cold and muscle pain but every time I would try to close my eyes she would try to open them with her little chubby hands. So, I didn’t have a choice but to watch every acceptable Tuesday TV show while Cheska played non-stop beside me.

At 12 noon, Oki Doki Doc the Movie was aired on Studio 23. This movie reminded me of the TV sitcom (version) way back when I was a child which I used to enjoy. It was a wholesome show made for the whole family to enjoy. Oki Doc was aired, if I’m not mistaken, from 1993 to 2000. I actually didn’t realize, not until yesterday, that I was watching it for almost seven years. And according to Wikipedia, it was initially aired on Wednesday nights but I only remember watching it on Saturday nights. I loved the characters of Sugar and Cupcake played by Aga Muhlach (the vet-guy-next-door protagonist) and Agot Isidro (Doc Aga’s flight attendant girlfriend). I had a good laugh for a couple of hours. Thanks to Godo (played by Jimmy Santos) and his screwed English and Babsy’s (played by the late Babalu) misfortunes.

I miss such kind of programming. It’s not that I’m sick and tired of watching soap operas and fantaseryes because I actually don’t have the time to watch them on weeknights, but I just long for the kind of TV programs that entertained me in my childhood – kids-friendly, wholesome and laden with values.

Aside from Oki Doc, as a child, I also had fun watching "Home Along Da Riles" which starred the King of Comedy, Dolphy. As everyone from the 90's knows, it was a sitcom about a family living alongside the train tracks, hence the title, with Dolphy as the father and sole parent to five children – Bill (Smokey Manaloto), Bob (Gio Alvarez), Bing (Claudine Barreto), Baldo (Vandolph) and Estong (Boy 2 Quizon). The Kosme household represented the average Filipino family with all its daily struggle, pain, and joy. The family was not wealthy but they were filled with love and hope. Who could forget the love-hate relationship of Mang Kevin and Aling Azon? the greediness of Ritchy (played by the late Babalu)? The stinginess of Mang Tomas along with the hilarious gang of “Sunog Baga” and the sheer presence of “Suso”?

I personally love the part when Mang Kevin would give his fatherly advice to his children and the rest of the members of the Kosme household; that never failed to make me teary-eyed. Everything he would say would truly touch the heart of every parent and child.

My next favorite is Okay Ka Fairy Ko. I didn’t know that it was first aired in 1987, a year before I was born. I grew up watching Tweetie de Leon as Enteng’s wife, not Alice Dixon. I loved it simply because it was magical and funny. The sitcom revolved around the life of Enteng, a mere human who fell in love and got married with a fairy princess. His family had tried to live just like any other normal farmilies but magic had always been a part of their lives; not only through Ina Magenta’s constant meddling but through Luka’s regular attempts to spread evil. But just as expected, goodness always triumphs over evil.
These TV programs were big hits 15 years ago… These were the kinds of programs where my family would actually watch together. These were the TV shows that remind me of my happy childhood, where us, the children, would huddle together in the couch (with our huge blanket when it was “Oka Tokat” night) and my father would sit beside us shining his combat boots and my mother, writing her lesson plan while catching glimpses of the shows we were watching.

I loved and will always love these shows and remember these years even when my hair turns gray. I love more the memories.

(I wonder what kind of shows my niece will remember when she turns my age? Probably, a whole bunch of reality shows).