Drenched: See the Blessing

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Last Sunday at the Feast, a new series started. Drenched: How To Receive Overflow. It's a very fitting topic for the first few weeks of 2011. It is great to anticipate the abundance and prosperity that this year brings.

One Big Message: See the Blessing.

I know, based from experience, that this is quite hard to practice. Especially when we've been praying for something for the longest time and still see nothing. When we are in the middle of the desert, when we are at the middle of a drought... financial famine, spiritual dryness, wearisome relationships. All these and more hinder us from seeing the small blessings that will eventually lead to that one great blessing we have earnestly prayed for.

But, God wants us to know that His blessings will come at His perfect time.. at the "ripe" time. And thus, while waiting, let us keep our faith burning. Let us not lose our ground. Although we sometimes feel that what we are asking is impossible, let's keep believing. Let us hold on to our faith. As in Hebrews 11:1, Faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. To wait in the wilderness, to suffer while reaching for that dream, to cry while on our way to achieving that great ambition is a test of faith. And while we focus on that goal ahead of us, we sometime forget to look around and realize that there have been great blessings with us all along. We stumble upon small blessings everyday and we have to recognize that they matter too. Let us always be on the look-out.

Let us never stop dreaming. For even when we commit mistakes along the way and think that we have lost God's favor, He would still bless us. He has a plan. How we get there may vary. According to Bro. George, if Plan A fails, God still has Plans B to Z. And even if you still mess up Plan Z, God will create a new letter in the alphabet for you. That's how great His love for us. He cannot "not" bless us.

Having confidence in God's great love, let us live life victoriously. This is the least we can do. :)

What blessings have you seen recently?

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