(Davao Day 2) The Wedding

Wednesday, February 02, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

It's no joke when I say that last Jan. 22 was the very first wedding ceremony I attended. I don't know why but I've not frequented weddings unlike most people. I guess I was too busy years back that I couldn't even be at my relative's or family friends' weddings or I was simply not invited. I was never a flower girl or a bridesmaid. So, when my friend, Kent, invited me to his wedding, I promised myself I would never miss that chance and because he is one of my closest guy friends that really goes way back.
Christ the King Cathedral:Where my good friends, Kent and Sheng,
promised that they'll love each other for better or for worst.

The Couple:Kent & Sheng beaming with genuine happiness
as they finally tied the knot.

Friends of the Groom:Kent's loyal friends since highschool.
Norman, Sheryl, Shaira, Helen, Victor, Myself and Cheyenne
minus our two best buds Julius and Junel.

The Friends of the Bride and the Groom:The wedding was such a great event to gather our high school friends,
some I have last seen during our graduation in 2005.
The Reception:One special event with very special people.

Years back, we only gather during birthdays, town fiestas, thanksgiving dinner and such, but it's quite amazing that at this point in our lives, we already attend weddings. It's undeniable that our happy-go-lucky days are over and each of us are starting to lean on the more serious side of relationships, career and life itself. But what's even greater is the fact that even though occasions change, we remain the same people. The very people who care, who give our best effort (whether in dressing up or handing the nicest gift), who value friendship as always and forever.
To Kent and Sheng, I've seen how your love bloomed. I may not know every nitty gritty detail, but one thing I know for sure - you were made for each other. You have sailed through storms, you have once (or even more than once) let go of each others' hand, you have thought someone else out there is meant for you, but it all comes back to what your hearts truly desired (whether you admit it or not). I wish you the greatest married life ever! I pray that you continue to love each other in spite of your shortcomings and continue to see each others' lovable traits day by day. I pray that you build a happy and God-centered family. I pray for abundance in your life today and till eternity. I love you both.
This is the best first-wedding-experience ever! I didn't take any role. I was simply the friend of the bride and the groom. :)

(Photos courtesy of Helen V. Quiñanola)