WIsh Granted

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Nicajoice 4 Comments

I know this is petty, but over the weekend, one of my wishes has materialized.
Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to have a nice, comfortable bed. All my life, I have shared bedrooms with other people and never owned a bed of my own. When I was a kid, I slept in a wooden double-decked bed without the fancy mattresses, but with a mat. I didn’t complain because it was the kind of life I was familiar with. My family never had anything luxurious, although we were never deprived of toys or delicious meals. It was just that my family didn’t belong to the elite class, but I was ok with that.
Growing up in that kind of circumstance, I have learned to dream big. Through time, I have come to realize that we are never given a wish without the power in making it come true.
So, last Saturday, I got my wish.
A nice, comfy bed

And as always, it is sweeter to share a
blessing with a friend.
I’m gonna take this one step at a time -- a bed, then a couch, and who knows, maybe in two years time, my Dream House. I believe, blessings are on their way. And I am ready to catch every single one of them.
How about you? What are your wishes? Have they come true yet?


  1. knowing now how "deep" this means to you (yeah, with that reason, i don't believe it's "petty"), you should have gotten even one solo shot on it.ü (lagi pala akong "epal".hehe)
    and, i say thank you once more, for all the things you shared, and more, and more, and more.ü
    and one last thing, i love that "dream house" dream!♥

  2. waahh.. naiyak ako..~~ haha. next time, magpipictorial ako jan mag-isa... haha. Thanks Gaze.. yeah, i'd love to have a nice house very soon! I wish the same for you!:)

  3. totoo naiyak ka?;)
    u'r welcome.ü i'll take your pic there on weekend.haha
    and yes, let's root for that dream house!

  4. yup, naiyak talaga ako.. I'm not kidding or exaggerating.. haha. See u later Gaze.. hehe