Gonzales Sisters

Monday, May 02, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

My sister and I rarely spend time together… She was ten years old when I started studying here in Manila so I was quite surprised when I went back home a few years ago and found her all grown-up. We were born seven years apart so it is inevitable that we don’t agree on some things. We are somehow the opposite of each other, due to our age gap or simply by the way we are both wired.

She is, I believe, braver and gutsier than I am. She does things I don’t normally do like sing and dance in public, drive a motorcycle, and so on. We also have different tastes when it comes to food, music, and clothing, even in judging which guy is cute. For food, she likes the simple ones – I am more adventurous. For music, she likes alternative rock and groovy tunes – I simply love ballad. For guys, I like Taecyeon he likes Wooyoung. Haha. But we both think that hairstyle does matter.

But, anyway, despite these differences, we get along half of the time. We sometimes offend and make each other upset, but hey! That’s how sisters are (I think).

She’s with me for the entire summer so were up for a month-long sister bonding.

Last Thursday, I tagged her along when I headed to a dental clinic. We just planned to have lunch (she was so firm on saying that she’d eat anywhere except in a restaurant with “Tokyo” in its name – she definitely dislike Japanese food) and go to the supermarket then go straight home but we had so much fun at our unplanned weekday mall getaway.

She wanted to eat KFC hotshots but I was too tired eating
KFC meals so we had to compromise. I bought hotshots but for take out and we dined at Karate Kid. We had Beef Teppanyaki and Red Iced Tea, I enjoyed the jap food while she munched on her chicken.

We dropped by Timezone and couldn't help but have our pictures taken in the P39.00 worth photobooth. And here's how the pics came out:

If there is something we both love, it would definitely be pictures!!

We also grabbed the mic and sang our favorite songs in Music Zone, we enjoyed immensely! So much that I spent an additional 200 bucks to what was supposed to be P200 "fun budget" - but, anyway what is money compared to this rare moment. :) We were also lucky to have gotten this cute bunny stuffed toy at the toy machine in Tom's World.

Having a sister is so much fun, although I don’t really think that I’m good at being a big sister (ate). My younger sister is annoyed at me most of the time, maybe because I’m not like the other affectionate big sisters. But, we both don’t have a choice. Haha. We only have each other. ♥