For Mamang on Mother's Day♥

Friday, May 06, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Although everyday is supposed to be a day for mothers a lot of people around the globe simply reserves the first Sunday of May to celebrate the beauty of selfless beings we call mom, mama, nanay, mamang, omma (in Korean) – mother. A day won’t be enough to show our gratitude to the woman who carried us for nine months, who tirelessly stayed up in the wee hours of the morning to feed us, who lovingly cheered us on in every school competition, who proudly introduced us to her friends as her priced possessions, who made everything possible for us even to the point of denying her own needs, but it is this one day of the year that we solely dedicate to them - our very own superstars! Because all of these and other things imaginable and even unimaginable are what mothers do and what make them so great.

To Mamang, the most beautiful mother in the face of the planet, whose beauty radiates from within... I love you so much and I thank you for the wonderful things that you've taught and you've done for me. I feel so lucky, blessed, and thankful to be your daughter, not only because I know that I have good genes in me, hehe... but because you have always been supportive and loving to all five of us, your children.

You've done everything, within your God-given capacity, to give us a good life - a life that may not be perfect but a life we manage to survive and draw happiness from. You have not spoiled us with luxurious things but you've not deprived us of wonderful things either - may they be material ones, experiences or bits of wisdom. You've taught us to be content of what we have but you've also taught us to dream big and aim for the stars. You have taught us to pray - before we go to bed, at the struck of 6pm; in most days to kneel in front of the altar and dedicate the rosary to Mother Mary; to utter a silent prayer before our tests or competitions, to wake up early on Sunday morning to hear mass. You have successfully introduced Christ into our lives that to this day, you are assured that we will do what is right even if we are far from home.

Mang, thank you for being so cool. For being not just our mother but our friend and confidant as well. For knowing what's in, for knowing when to be strict and when to allow us to explore, see things on our own; for giving us the freedom to soar and for trusting that our wings are strong enough but being right by our side everytime we fall - always willing to understand, to forgive, to encourage and to love.

We know that you are not perfect, just like all mothers are, but we love you in the same way that you love us despite our shortcomings. This day is for you and I hope that depsite the distance you feel and you know that we so love you. Happy Mother's Day Mamang!♥♥♥