Hangukeo 101: 누구새요? (Who are you?)

Thursday, June 23, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

오늘이 생생 한국어
(Lesson for Today)

A: 누구새요? (nu-gu-sae-yo?) - Who are you?
B: 이유진이라고 해요. or 이사라고 해요. (i-yu-jin-ra-go hae-yo. or li-sa-ra-go hae-yo)
(I am Lee Yu Jin) or (I am Lisa).

* is added to the name if it ends with a consonant like, 이유 then add 라고 해요, but if it ends with a vowel like, just add 라고 해요.

" 누구새요?" can also be asked when asking "Who is it?", like when someone knocks at the door or when answering a phone call from an unknown caller.

--Here's a more formal way of the conversation above. Used when speaking with an older person.

A: 당신은 누구십니까? (dang-shin-eun nu-gu-shim-ni-kka?) - Who are you?
B: 저는 이유진입니다. (jeo-neun i-yu-jin-im-ni-da.)
(I am Lee Yu Jin)

*입니다 means is, are or am.

--Here's what you tell someone during a first meeting.
A: 반가워요! (ban-ga-weo-yo!)(Nice to meet you!)
B: 내 반가워요!
(nae ban-ga-weo-yo!)(Yes, Nice to meet you!)

--Here's a more casual way of saying "Nice to meet you", especially when texting or chatting.
~~방가 방가
(bang-ga bang-ga) (Nice to meet you!)