Lovin' Birthdays

Wednesday, July 06, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

July started with a double celebration – Erick’s 21st and Junel’s 23rd birthday (I suppose, or is it 22nd Nel? Haha)! I, along with my friends Eych, Carlo, Liezel, Gideon and Ivy, decided to get together for a pizza dinner last Sunday, July 3. And though it was one heck of a day for me – with all the tension creeping into my system by nightfall – I was, without a doubt one happy girl, celebrating with the two of my most loved men on earth.

ight of us had a sumptuous meal at a pizzeria along Tomas Morato. We devoured a 17-inch "scrambled pizza" which was served after an hour of tedious waiting. I was actually getting cranky and impatient but thanks to my friends' good mood I was able to lighten up. Di' Marks, we have discovered, is just a small restaurant with a couple of waiters who seem to be doing all kinds of stuff, and it was (as expected) packed that Sunday night with families and couples sharing their gigantic pizzas. But I guess, the wait was all worth it, because the pizza was definitely yummy and exceptional! Just make sure not to drizzle it too much with the resto's hot sauce because it sure is a killer!
We also had meatballs spaghetti (as for the customary "something long" for any Filipino's birthday celebration) and the heavenly "chicken croquetas" - which, except for it's teeny weeny size was truly a gastronomic delight! By the way, I got the meal at half the price through Ensogo :)
No birthday celebration is complete without a cake. So, here was the birthday cake....
... for the birthday boys! ♥
Almost five years ago, we started celebrating Junel and Erick's birthday together because they were born just a day apart. At that time, we actually had a triple celebration - that of Julius' birthday as well. Although I believe that it wasn't a yearly thing, I can clearly remember how the four of us used to meet up and share simple birthday treats.
At St. Albert the Great Seminary - Calamba, Laguna.
I think, all of us were still teenagers at the time these photos were taken. Funny how time flies so fast and how much weight we've gained since then... haha
I simply love birthdays... :) Not only because of the gifts and the feast that usually go with it but because it's one special occasion that brings together families and friends.