Silly Conversation - Talkative

Thursday, July 28, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

JSH: That's our secret. Don't tell it to anyone.
Me: Yeah,I'm not talkative like you!
JSH: Actually, I'm not sad T.T
Me: Really?
JSH: I can prove that I'm not talkative.
Me: But I think you talk a lot, to anyone...
JSH: I am just curious, all the time. So, I look a bit talkative.
Me: Ok, you're not talkative, just curious... fine!
JSH: Haha. Funny! Coz I'm always curious = always look talkative. I'm silly.
Me: yeah, but it's ok. Being talkative is better than being too quiet. Very quiet people are sometimes so annoying.
JSH: Really?
Me: And very talkative people are sometimes annoying too...
JSH: Hahahaha. I think, you don't like people.