Touch Me Not

Sunday, July 31, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

One of my FB friends, posted the pic above on Facebook (where else?)... But before this pic came out, there was another photo of a hand (I still don't know whose hand it is) wrapped in plastic. It was quite odd. Then somewhere in the thread read: "using a Korean flower to color your nails"

I thought it was some kind of an experiment. But then I found out that this is commonly done in Korea during summer time. According to Hoon (the owner of the picture), the dye comes from the petals and leaves of "touch-me-not". When crushed, they "could be used to dye fibrous clothes or even your connective tissues!"

This site even says that in some schools in Korea, where female students are not allowed to perm their hair or use nail polish, this is the only way they are allowed to color their fingernails because of its historical nature.

What's even more interesting is the Korean myth that says "your crush (the person you admire) will fall in love with you if the dye stays on your fingernails until the first snow falls".

If you think this sounds familiar, you must have seen it in the Korean movies "A Millionaire's First Love" and "Daddy Long Legs or 키다리 아저씨".

(Photo taken here)
This is really fascinating and I'd like to try it out someday. And since it's impossible to wait for the first snow fall here in the Philippines, I just might go to Korea. :D

***Thanks to Hoon Kim for the first pic on top and for sharing with me this lovely tradition. ^^