2nd Class. 2nd Teacher. 두수업, 두번째 선생님.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

It was a sunny Thursday at The Fort. A day after the storm. The sun was up and it was freakin' windy! I thought I'd be blown away any moment. I love Thursdays not only because I finish work two hours earlier but also because I get to learn Korean with my (second) teacher.

I was very much pleased since I kinda leveled up. I guess Teacher Migyoung didn't have a clear idea of my Korean writing and reading skills so she just let me study the basics. But, when I showed her the TOPIK study guide that I was studying that time, she realized that the level 1 (even the level 2) book was too easy for me.

From D1 to D5 in two weeks!But then, if you'd notice, the books are really meant for Elementary students. But believe me, D5 is quite hard. So, being "accelerated" to a higher level is quite an achievement (grin).

Thursday learning:
- 막내 딸 (pronounced as magnae ttal) means youngest daughter
막내 동생 (pronounced as mangnae dongsaeng) means youngest sibling
막내 아들 (pronounced as mangnae adeul) means youngest son

(These are very useful words since Koreans usually give much importance to one's position in the family or in the society. You can usually hear "
막내" quite often in Kpop boy/girl groups as it is used to refer to the youngest group member such as Chang Min in TVXQ.)

- 뚱뚱하다 (ttung ttung ha da) and 통통하다 (tong tong ha da) both mean fat (actually, the latter means "plump")
It is fine to tell a man "
너는 뚱뚱해. " (neo neun ttung ttung hae), but it's not fine to say the same expression to a woman.

Here's a sample situation:
너는 뚱뚱해. (neo neun ttung ttung hae!) You are/ You've become fat.
Woman: 뭐? 너 죽을래? (mweo?! jug ul lae??) What? Do you wanna die?
너는 통통 해. (neo neun tong tong hae.) You are/ You've become plump/fat.
아... 그래? (a... geu rae?) ah... really? I think I have to lose some weight..
(I'm not saying that this is the absolute truth, but this a common scenario based on my teacher's experience).

Apart from this, I've also come to know my teacher a little better. She is the youngest daughter in her family and she has 6 siblings (4 brothers and 2 sisters). She has been wishing to have a daughter but she's blessed with two boys who are both smart, polite and loving (not bad I guess). :D

This is what I love most in learning a new language. I get to listen, I get to share. And from these, friends are found, friendships are formed.