Dear Faceless-Nameless-Mister,

Friday, August 19, 2011 Nicajoice 4 Comments

Men who speak well are very attractive. I fall head-over-heels with guys who enunciate words in a very natural and effortless manner. Who are conscious with their i's and e's. Because (in my opinion), men who speak well are men of substance. Add to that the nice, soothing, well-modulated voice. For me, nothing beats a lad with amazing thoughts and with the courage to have them heard.

But then again, not all no nonsense guys are trained speakers. And just because they're not at par with Cicero in rhetoric doesn't mean they're dumb. So, I'm fine with you, not being the "public speaker" sort of fella. But I hope you have that sweet, low, modulated voice - the late night DJ type.:D But please, do try to be careful with the i's and the e's, the o's and the half o's and so on.:D

But above all these, just be yourself. Relax. And speak your mind. No pressure.

Waiting for you,

the girl who found a piece of heaven in belgian waffle topped with str
awberry and whipped cream. :D


  1. all that glitters is not gold :)

  2. my daughter love waffles with strawberry on top :). i so agree with your post :).

  3. Thanks Andrea! :) Waffles are heavenly ^^ I wish I could make my own.. :D