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Being the curious guy that he is, my (Korean) teacher (who refuses to be called “teacher”) has thrown this question a couple of times – “What do you do in the church?” I would normally say - I go there to pray, to hear mass - as simple as that. But then, it’s not as simple as that. I am a part of MUKHA-AD (a youth formation organization composed of Dominican Brothers and Lay members). And being so, entails doing more than the usual. So here’s what I do. Here’s what we do. (This post is dedicated to you, 정승화)

In MUKHA-AD, we get to know more about MAN, FAMILY, SOCIETY, the CHURCH and the WORLD - and how our faith (as Catholics) has to do with these areas. It is MUKHA-AD’s mission to form the youth in the image and likeness of Christ as we fulfill our daily roles and eventually, our ultimate purpose within our families and in the larger community that we are all a part of.

It is a learning process. It is an experience that is never completed alone but with the help of friends – those who are willing to take the journey with you.
I had an exciting journey as a participant last year. But being a part of the council gives a different kind of excitement and is truly overwhelming.

Two Sundays ago was the 2nd Session on Man slash Faith Sharing. Kuya Aaron and I were the emcees. It has been a while since the last time I stepped on stage, grabbed a microphone and talked to a crowd of enthusiastic youngsters. I was a bit nervous but I totally loved it.

The talk on the” Christian Face Program” (given by Fray Chris) touched on the identity of Christ as both man and God; about the “Lord’s Prayer” and how it actually conveys the message that it is God who reaches His hand to us; and the role of language in making Jesus ever more known – encompassing language and cultural differences.

The second half was the FAITH SHARING. At that point, the participants would reflect on the day’s Gospel and share their reflections and realizations to the members of their small group. We provided two guide questions that went something like these:

- Have you been using your resources and material possessions wisely? Are you taking the time to share it with our less fortunate brothers and sisters?

- When was the time that you earnestly sought for and found God?

Before the sharing proper, we started the Faith Sharing with a creative liturgy. Everyone joined in singing short but very beautiful and moving chants. Singing as a form of worship – repeating words over and over – allows an individual to free his mind from any distraction. It prepares oneself to commune with God.

In MUKHA-AD we not only ready ourselves to talk, we also prepare to listen. Some people are hesitant to share their ideas due to fear of rejection or disapproval. I also fear the same thing. Thus, it is always encouraging to see people nodding their heads not only as a sign that you have their attention but also as an assurance that they appreciate your thoughts and your courage to open up yourself. And this was exactly what we did after the creative liturgy.

It is always amazing to listen to other people's thoughts and ideas. Through them, we get to see how our very own struggles are not isolated. That they are normal and surmountable. That even in our differences we are one in the hope that we'll be better followers of Christ. I was especially glad to hear the members of my small group say that they've felt God's presence in the most difficult times of their lives, even in times when they forget to call on Him and even in the most ordinary days. The session ended - in the same way we started it - through a prayer. With arms linked to each other, MUKHA-AD council & staff and the members of batch 22 are one step closer to becoming a bigger family.

The exact same thing that made me stick with this group. It is an ever growing family. With new people added into it every year, and "old" ones who never forget to drop by, to visit, and even to linger a little longer because they know that they are at home.

And it doesn't end here. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So stick around. :D


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Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City.

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