SIlly Conversation - Heaven and Hell

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

JSH: I'm almost done with the 16th (TOPIK). 23rd is next, right?
Me: Yeah.
JSH: If you have questions, just text me. I will call you, even at night.
Me: Really?
JSH: Yeah, even when I'm sleeping.
Me: hahahahaha
JSH: Even if I'm dead. Even If I am in heaven.I will call you.
Me: Really? What if you go to hell? You'll still call me? haha
JSH: If I go to hell, I can't use my phone.
Me: Yeah, it will probably burn in there.
JSH: yeah, haha.
Me: Ok, be kind so you'll go to heaven.
JSH: I will go to heaven. How about you?
Me: Alright, see you there!