Simple Joy - Ice Cream and Energy Drink

Friday, August 19, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Me: I am not in the mood to work.
JSH: Why? Hmmm?
Me: One of those lazy days...Can't wait for this day to be really over.
JSH: Hmm.. How can I help you?
Me: I have no idea! haha. Just pray for me :D Anyway, have a great day! I hope you don't absorb my lazy and negative aura today.
JSH: Yeah.. right! I wonder why people feel lazy and negative sometimes...
Me: Why? I don't know why. But it's normal, I guess. If we don't feel sad and upset we won't know what happiness is! haha (cheezy!) And we have to feel lazy once in a while so we can get back the energy we need to work even harder. haha
JsH: Ah... so, you need energy, right?
Me: Hahaha. Yeah, it all boils down to that.
JSH: (ENERGY DRINK) here, recieve this!
Me: hahaha.. how about a real energy drink?
JSH: Ok, I'll buy one for you tomorrow.. haha
Me: A ssa..!!! Ok, Thank you!!! Energy drink plus ice cream!
JSH: No, an dwe! (No way) Coz if you drink it and eat ice cream, the energy
drink won't take effect...
Me: Ok, I won't have the energy drink then. bleh!
JSH:haha.. I think, your actual energy drink is icecream, right?
Me: Ne...!! (yes!) :D
JSH: Ok, I'll buy you icecream tomorrow! Just remind me.. :)
Me: Ok.. Thank you!!! I will surely remember that!! :D
JSH: Hahaha.. even though we'll buy the icecream tomorrow, you feel better now! haha
Me: Yeah, my energy tank is filled. :D
JSH: Ahaha.. ICECREAM = Joyce's energy drink.

***So tomorrow, Teacher will buy me ice cream! Hurray! :D