Six Ladies and a Baby

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Nicajoice 2 Comments

One indication that we are growing old is the kind of social functions we attend to. Early this year, I was in Davao to witness the wedding of my high school friends, Kent and Sheng. And it was, somehow, a reality check. We are not getting any younger. Gone are the days when our sole concern is ourselves. And as we find our place in this somewhat complicated world of adults, we start dedicating our lives to other people. For most us, we begin forming our own families. And last Sunday's event was nothing different. It was exactly the future that my college friends (housemates) and I were talking about four years ago.
There are six of us. Myself, Jelly, Valerie, Natasha, Michole and Ate Cindy. We were, as we called ourselves, the Balara girls. We were, and still are, sisters to each other. And before, we only daydreamed about the future that seemed far too distant. Getting married, having children, being "ninangs" (godmothers) to each other's future sons and daughters, living next to each other so we can meet up for a weekend family bonding, with our husbands next to us and our kids running around. Those were such happy thoughts.
And now, one of us is living the dream. And the five of us are ninangs (for real) to the first "Balara Baby"
Cara Denice Buenaventura
Cara is such a happy, behaved little girl.

Brown and pink were the colors for Cara's Christening. Reminds me of chocolates and cotton candy. Fitting colors for such a sweet little bundle of joy.
The give-away: baby on a cupcake.
Balloons for the tables and the venue
Cara's pink cake and real cupcakes. :D
More cupcakes!
Can't get enough of cupcakes! :D
More pictures of the Baby Girl.
Welcome to the Christian world Baby Cara! :) I hope that we truly become worthy Ninangs as you grow to be the person that God wants you to be.

Some (or most) people are afraid to grow old... because the future is always uncertain. We'd never know how our lives would turn out... if our dreams would come true... if everything would turn out the way we want them to be. But then, these uncertainties make life more exciting. So, we shouldn't stop praying, hoping, dreaming.

Adult life is sweet with friends.

Right girls?


  1. Right! :) Nice photos with your housemates. Napareminisce tuloy ako ng college days. :)

  2. Thanks Kat. I'm so glad I found good friends in college.. :D