15th Class. First Teacher. 15th 수업, 첫번째 선생님

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15th. Last Class.


ot a long time ago, I neither had the time to attend a formal Korean class nor the money to pay for such, so I fervently wished to meet someone who could teach me Korean for free. I had been studying on my own but I couldn't see myself improving, at all.

Then, in the most unexpected time and day, my prayer was answered, my wish was fulfilled.

Gaze invited me to attend the Feast with her 26-year-old Korean student.I came home that Sunday at around 8 in the morning straight from a misty Tagaytay.

I was tired, it was a usual hectic weekend for me, but then, I had to keep my word.
And so I met Jaden. My first ever (real life) seonsaengnim/선생님.

That first meeting was still fresh in my head. It was awkward at first but due to his very inquisitive nature, we were able to break the ice in no time.
We (Jaden, Gaze and I) had lunch at MyThai and had coffee at Seattle's Best.

And it was in the middle of those conversations over coffee that the topic about Korean military drafting and Korean celebrities dodging the required service came up, then about Korean music and such, Then I mentioned that I have been studying Korean for a while. I jokingly asked if he could teach me. I didn't actually mean it that time, coz for one, I only have one day to spare... and to study for two hours once a week is quite troublesome for the both of us. But then he said "yes", as long as I teach him English. Without thinking it over, I agreed. At the back of my mind, I thought, he couldn't be serious anyway. But as always, he meant it.

May 8th. Rainy Day. The start of the "Seasons" series at the Feast. The day of Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley's fight. That was the day that started it all. The prequel to the first class. ^^