House Cleaning Saturday

Monday, September 12, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

For the first time in four months I just stayed at home the whole Saturday. It was at first strange but then again, it was more familiar. I missed staying at home with nothing to worry about. I am a home buddy, after all.

I was lucky that my two other housemates had nothing planned as well. So we set out to do a clean up. Our humble home is unintentionally chaotic most of the time. None of us has the time to deal with the piled up mess on regular days and so, picking up our cleaning tools was our top agenda for the day.

Carlo took charge of the cobwebs. He made sure that every nook and cranny was free from dust. He also made sure that the kitchen cabinet was organized and the sink free from unwashed dishes.

Ivy swept the floor and helped neatly put away our pairs of shoes after she did her laundry. I, on the other hand, arranged the magazines inside our TV cabinet and stacked CDs. I also dealt with all the papers that we refused/failed to throw away for the longest time. Since I already brushed the bathroom two nights ago, there was nothing left for me to do but to wipe off the dust that clung to our window panes.

While we were busy doing this and that, the house was blaring with random songs - old ones, Kpop, Jpop, Praise and Worship songs, upbeat, melancholic - and we were just singing our hearts out. Check out some of the songs on our playlist.

Old Songs by Barry Manilow
A Short Journey by Super Junior
Makin' Love Out of Nothing At All by Air Supply
Desert Song by Hillsong United
Take Me Out of the Dark by Gary Valenciano
Di Lang Ikaw by Juris

And we took some random pictures as well. :D

And here are some before and after shots. You can't really see the difference but all three of us were proud to have cleaned everything in less than two hours.

Dining Area, just below the stairs

The sink, the number one messy spot in the house

A small table where we place the toaster and some snacks

The shoe rack, which is always in disarray

Then at last, time for lunch! I was thinking of cooking something fancy. But, we thought of preparing simple dishes (so simple - you just have to fry them) but very appetizing. They also remind us of home (our real home with our families in Davao).

So, we had these for lunch!

Fried eggplant, eggs (sunny-side-up); Fried Dilis and Tomatoes with Calamansi

For Filipinos, these kinds of food would really make us eat more than our usual serving of rice. In fact, we ate too much that we were full till dinner time and just totally skipped it.

Last Saturday was so productive and fun-filled. I missed staying at home.

What were you busy doing last weekend?