Lovin' Babies

Tuesday, September 06, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

"Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility."

I am not a mother (yet) but I love babies (in my definition, babies include toddlers, haha) so much. I am always awed at their honesty, innocence and genuine expressions of gratefulness, happiness and love. Staring at them simply takes my breath away and all of the day's troubles simply vanish.

I dream of having my own kid/s three to four years from now (or whenever God wills to bless me with one [or two]). But then, despite not having one, I am glad that at present, my life is surrounded with lovely babies. Let me introduce some of them. :D

Xandrei Yohan G. Gonato. Yohan is the son of my good friends and highschool classmates, Kent and Sheng. I held him the first time during my recent vacation in Davao a couple of weeks ago. Yohan looks so kind! He's a behaved little boy. At barely 3 months, he does nothing but sleep. But then, one never gets tired of watching a sleeping babe.

Cara Denice N. Buenaventura. Cara is the daughter of Ate Cindy and Kuya Dennis, both I met in college. She is my second godchild. Cara is such a sweet little baby. I've been with her in two occasions, first when she was just a few days old and second, during her Christening last August 21st. I believe, Cara will grow up as a happy, responsible and well-loved child as she is surrounded with a loving family and equally loving Ninangs. wink*

Andrea Sophia G. Alfonso. Tin-Tin is my cousin. I don't know why they called her Tin when her whole name is totally different! haha. Well, I was told that her dad wanted to name her Agustina because she was born in August, but it's too old-fashioned! hihi. I have always called her Tin, so I assumed her name is Christine! (hai... mean cousin!) I am not sure how young she is right now but Tin is such a smart kid. She's very thoughtful and quite ladylike. She loves dressing up, wearing accessories and putting on pink hair clips. She is a great big sister to her younger brother, Franz, even to our niece, Cheska!

Franz Laurence G. Alfonso. Franz is TinTin's lil' brother and my first godchild. Just like his sister, Franz is smart. You can feel it everytime he talks. He likes playing with stuffed toys but loves sharing them with younger kids. He also adores Cheska and always looks after and looks for her. It is just so great to know that these kids love each other.

Cheska Dominique C. Gonzales. Cheska or (Baby) Cake is my first niece! And I hope she stays the "only" one in a few more years. haha. She is named after two great saints - St. Francis of Assisi and St. Dominic de Guzman. Her name should have been Francesca Dominique, but we had to change it after she was born. We just thought the name's too long.

Cake is now one year and six months old. She likes to mimic the adults - the way they do and say things. Thus, it is very important that you show her (applicable to all babies) only the good stuff. She already knows a lot of words. She also sings and dances and recognizes people and animals. I can just watch her all day and be totally entertained. She also loves kissing and hugging us. Such a sweet girl.

In no time, these kids will grow up. Before we know it, they would make their own decisions and would tell us to just mind our own business. They'll be exposed to the realities of life - both good and bad. But I hope that they don't forget (and we should always remind them) how much they are loved.

I love the babies in them and I will love the persons they will turn out to be, always.