Not Loving but Still Eating Yogurt

Friday, September 09, 2011 Nicajoice 2 Comments

Yesterday, I decided to live a healthier life.

And so, starting today, I'm gonna eat fat-free (as long as it doesn't contain artificial sweetener) or low-fat yogurt. But then, I reckon, I was never a fan of yogurt. Simply because it tastes weird (for me).

Here's a mango flavored one.

Ugh! The first spoonful was just too difficult to swallow. I was like torturing myself. I had to keep on telling myself that this is good for me.

Yogurt has a lot of health benefits. Primarily due to the fact that yogurts are made using "active, good bacteria" which our bodies need to have a healthy digestive tract. It also contains animal protein (since it comes from milk) and other nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B2 and B12.

Lowfat yogurt is high in vitamin A and acidophilus (the "live" bacteria that boosts intestinal health). It is also a must eat for those who would like to have healthier skin. Since anything that keeps digestion normal, like "live" bacteria" also keeps the skin healthy-looking.

Yogurt is indeed a healthy food. It is specially recommended for those who'd like to lose weight because eating yogurt makes one feel fuller.

Although I'm not a fan, I'll keep eating yogurt (in all sorts of flavor). Maybe one day, I'd stumble upon a kind of yogurt that suits my sometimes picky tastebuds.

Ah! The sacrifices we have to make for the sake of health and beauty.

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  1. i loooooove yogurt :D hehe masarap sya pag may kasamang fruits :D go lang sa endeavor na yan. i'm sure you'll love it hehe

  2. Good for you, Kat! haha. Yup, I'll try eating it with fruits.. ^^ Thanks!! ^^