Bringing Out the Dreamboard [Again]

Friday, October 14, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

They say, dreams, goals and aspirations should be set and imagined as detailed as possible.

So, here's a dream I creatively illustrated with these google images. The gown (not exactly like that haha), the flowers (yes, white lilies), the reception (I love the tent and the lighting); and the aisle (and yes, I'd love to have a Church wedding). Everyone's free to dream, right?

And to make this interactive, here's the arrangement I'd like to hear on my wedding march.

I blame this daydreaming on a friend who sent a link to this wonderful piece arranged by a great pianist named Jon Schmidt. It's so sweet and romantic. It is wedding-perfect.

It's Pachelbel's "Canon" plus U2's "With or Without You"? Amazing, right? This friend asked me to listen to this coz I told him I feel so lazy today. Quite effective, coz I got busy... busy conceptualizing a "Dream Wedding". haha. Funny. A single woman preparing for a wedding. Nah, just mental notes. And this - an audio visual reminder of what I want.

And this one's nice too. Modern and upbeat. A combination of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and "Viva La Vida" on piano and cello also by pianist, Jon Schmidt and cellist, Steven Sharp Nelson.

I love this arrangement too. I don't know if you feel the same way, but when I listened to the beginning of this piece, I envisioned bubbly children running down the aisle - yeah, flower girls, ring and coin bearers, the little bride and the little groom - is it ok to re-arrange the entourage? Children first, then the serious stuff follows. :) And the part where the cello started playing - wow! goosebumps!!

Friends, you're free to use these too! I love weddings and I hope you have (we have) the wedding of our lives. Let's see if all of these will materialize. Again, it is free to dream. And when you dream, dream big! Don't hold back. Dream and pray for the impossible. For there is nothing unattainable if we open ourselves to God's sea and outpour of blessings.

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