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Friday, October 21, 2011 Nicajoice 1 Comments

I totally, totally love scrapbooking. I love crafting as much as I love taking pictures, and what a better way to combine the two than by creating a photobook. Cameras are great inventions. They help us capture bits of our lives. And at this time and age, where almost everything has become digital, why not put scrapbooking in a whole new level? Get rid of the scissors, glue and all the mess and even bring your captured memories to life by adding videos, narration and music! It's fun and interactive!

Introducing... MyMemories Suite!

I made this page just a few minutes ago using a scrapbooking software. With MyMemories Suite, creating a page or even an entire photobook is a breeze. You can use the readily available designer templates or make your own from scratch. I made mine using a blank canvass because I like the freedom of putting things together based on my mood and taste.

It's so simple. I just got a few photos taken months back, chose a photo lay-out and just dragged and dropped the pics. I also edited the pictures right there and then without using a different software. Then I chose a textured background and added embelishments! The good thing about this digital scrapbooking software is that you can share it in several ways. You can save its JPEG form and share it on numerous social networking sites, your website and blog or you can print it or store it in a CD. Perfect for wedding give-aways and other occasions!

Watch this video to learn more about this awesome product.

I am just so lucky to get a hold of this product. And as a reward, one loyal and lucky reader will win a free downloadable copy of MyMemories Suite v.2 software valued at $39.97

Just follow the instructions below to get a chance to win this must-have product. With MyMemories Suite you can design your own greeting cards, calendars and keepsakes, perfect presents for Holidays and other occasions imaginable.

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