I wish I could play the piano

Monday, October 17, 2011 Nicajoice 2 Comments

When I was eight, I had private piano lessons. My teacher's name was Layla. Right after school, I'd go to her house and she'd teach me for a couple of hours. Right now, I don't exactly remember how I felt attending those lessons. Was I excited? Did I feel obligated? I don't even remember if it was my mother or my father who convinced me to do it. What I do remember is that I was supposed to train in order to play the piano in our community church, and I practiced playing church songs.

It was difficult for me. I couldn't reach some keys. And I was too slow.

After a few months, my teacher got married and she had to move to the US. So, my lessons stopped.

Now, I regret not having the enthusiasm to learn it. I wish I had done better. I wish I looked for a new teacher. I wish I was more eager. I wish I could go back to being eight.

A friend suggested that I learn a musical instrument. Because doing so reduces boredom and relieves stress (to which I greatly agree). And there's nothing else I would love to learn but the piano. I envy people who play it well. The person who inspired me to blog plays the piano with so much passion. My friend who gave this suggestion plays the piano too. And I am even more attracted to this musical instrument when I listened to the musical pieces played and arranged by Jon Schmidt, such as the two I shared on my previous post. And today, I came across this great Korean pianist, Lee Ru Ma better known as Yiruma (which means "I Shall Achieve). Several of his most popular pieces include, "River Flows in You", "Kiss the Rain", and "May Be" (which can be heard playing in this blog, since I can't get enough of it and I want other people to hear and feel it's magic).

I know these people started playing young. But I believe, I still have hope. :) I don't intend to be the greatest. I just want to fulfill this desire. A forgotten dream that I just recently felt the need to renew.

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