Let Us Be Friends, Please?

Friday, October 07, 2011 Nicajoice 3 Comments

Let's go back to being friends.

Our friendship might have been filled with teasings, with conversations that ended up having us offended (at times), but then, it was more natural. More filled with laughter.

I like it better than the cold shoulders. Than the awkward glances. Than the forced smiles. Than the insincere hi's and goodbye's.

Don't you feel weird? That we are like the closest of friends behind the invisible walls that you/we conveniently put up each time you you/we feel like it? That we can exchange the kindest words without seeing each other's face? That we can laugh at the jokes that appear on our phone screens and monitors? Yes, I do laugh. It was not a virtual "haha" or "hehe". It was real laughter. Laughter that I wish you could hear.

You always have great thoughts. And I wish I didn't have to read them. I wish to hear them.

So, please. Let us be friends. Again.


  1. words from the heart.

    cno 'to joicee? angchismosa q. sorry. :)

  2. You haven't met him Gaze. Can't name names.. hehe. He's a newfound friend... but he started acting weird all of a sudden.. lagi kasi kaming nagbabangayan...although for me, he was not committing a serious offense, he started being so cautious about everything he says and does. I just want the old (though still new), carefree friendship back. :)

  3. hmmm... murag kaila jud ko ani!!! nyahahaha! :D