Real Life Fairytale, One Great Love Story

Monday, October 10, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

I have watched several romantic movies that made me swoon and daydream about that one perfect love everybody wishes to find. That immortal Cinderella-Prince Charming-love-story that never ceases to inspire a million hopefuls only to realize that such stories rarely exist, and would only remain locked in that tv frame or the silver screen.

But then, I know a love story (may not be in great detail) that made me believe in the reality of fairytales and the miracle of that one great love again. And it's not within the frame of camera lenses, it's the real thing, even more romantic than numerous made-up love stories put together.

And I was there when they tied the knot last October 2nd at Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.

The Bride and the Groom. The bride Anne, is my elementary and highschool classmate. Being friends, I know how much she has worked so hard to be where she is right now. She is a very prayerful person. Intelligent, responsible, simple and beautiful inside and out. I cannot say much about the groom, Vic, because I don't know him personally. What I know of, is that he is a Pilot and is equally Christ-centered as Anne. And in my humble opinion, they are a match made in heaven.

The wedding ceremony was very intimate. Romantic to say the least. What made it even more special were the personal messages that the bride and the groom dedicated to their parents, to the congregation and to each other. At that short gathering, everyone in the room got to learn a little about the couple's life and love story. It was touching to hear them say their words of gratitude to their parents, and it was even greater to hear them speak about the unwavering love of God and His presence in their separate lives and in their relationship.

This couple made me realize so many things. One of them is the often forgotten fact (because we are too consumed by our useless worries, fears and anxieties) that God has plans to prosper and to bless us. That often we rush things and just get disappointed, but if we put our trust in Him, all our worries will be taken cared of and that we shall reap the fruits of our sacrifices. And His timing is infallible.
...that we need to pray and always seek for His guidance.
...that the bible is our compass, His word is our map that will guide us to the right path.
...that true love waits.
...that we will get what we deserve.
...that when we vow to love someone, we say "I will", because it is a covenant, a commitment. It is not a mere contract signed in ink and written on paper. It is forever.
...that we are entitled to our own great love story because God loved us first and because of that he has prepared His BEST for us.

I cannot really describe how "kilig" the wedding was. It was I-wish-I-could-get-married-now moment. Seriously. It was inspiring. They were inspiring. And I'm sure every single woman in the event, just like me, was silently wondering if she could one day be the bride to her own wedding with her very own knight in shining armor.

Here are the lovely bachelorettes and handsome bachelors who were able to witness the union of Anne and Vic, By the way, Sherry Ann was able to get the bouquet. I guess there's going to be another wedding soon! All nine of us were thrilled and giddy the whole time. We were in love. Yes, truly in love.

A wedding is such a special moment. It is a milestone. But as they say, wedding is just a date. Marriage is a lifetime. But I have great faith that Anne and VIc's married life is going to be phenomenal as this day. It's not going to be a piece of cake, but with prayers and Christ as the center of their home, they are bound to live happily ever after.

Photos courtesy of:
Gideon Torollo
& Jovy Albaran