Merry Monday: Gratefulness

Monday, November 21, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

A lot of people dread Mondays. And sometimes, I am one of the many. It's because a couple of days seems too short to regain the energy lost over five non-stop work days. And after having so much fun on the weekend, Monday is that knock on the door that says "It's time to go back to work, or to school, or to whatever responsibilities you have til Friday".

So to make Mondays less dreadful, wouldn't it be nice to think of it as a merry Monday and remove its more likely pair - the blues?

Today, to fight off the urge to hate Monday, I thought of the many things and people God has blessed me with. I am greatly thankful for the,

1. Time to have a relaxing Thai Massage at TonTon's (Makati) with friends, Junel, Don and Glen. I had foot massage and was able to take a 30-minute power nap while the three men had whole body massage. I enjoyed watching them talk about their first thai massage experience. And of course I loved the dinner and the long and funny chat over coffee. I was totally saved from Saturday boredom.
2. Day with my Mukha-Ad family. I am so grateful for having such amazing friends, and for having a spiritual family. Last Sunday was one of the many awesome and inspiring Sundays I had spent with them.I enjoyed the tour in Sto. Domingo Church and the great pictures, as well as the endless laughter.
3. The friends who generously gave me their starbucks stickers. I already have 12 out of the 17 to get that 2012 planner! yay!
4. My apartment. Although it's not perfect, I am glad I have a place to stay. And it's very accessible. And I can dry clothes. I just wish the sun can shine through its windows. But overall, I am fine with it.
5. For wishes coming true. Like participating in more volunteer activities. And for having the chance to talk and to be with that "person" I have admired for such a long time. A few years ago, it was all just a wish. I never thought we could be this close, so close that the "kilig" is almost gone, but what stays is a marvelous friendship I'd treasure always. :D

How about you? What are you thankful for this merry Monday?