Merry Monday: Job.Volunteerism.Friends.Words

Monday, November 28, 2011 Nicajoice 2 Comments

Much to my dismay, the weekend has gone by just like that. I still have not recovered from the aches & pains, excitement and anxieties of the past two days but here I am, back to working mode, still sleep deprived, with aching muscles and sore feet,but (thanks to God's provisions and protection) still very much blessed.

Things and people I am thankful for this merry Monday.

- A job in a great company. Although I sometimes complain how my work has become routinary and a bit boring, I have come to realize that I am in good hands. and I am fortunate to have a job when there is still a huge number of Filipinos left unemployed. I appreciate my company more because it greatly values volunteerism and gives its employees not only fair compensation and benefits but also the chance and resources to reach out to the community.

- The opportunity and energy to be generous and extend help. Last Saturday, I was able to plant a tree at Arroceros Forest Park in Manila and help clean it up. It was a back breaking task  and my fingers were hurt for sweeping fallen leaves for almost three hours, but the aches and sweat were all worth it.

- Friends. I always feel so grateful to have loving and true friends. The ones who willingly cheer me up when I'm upset. The ones who do not hesitate to meet me up when I suddenly invite to go out for no significant reason - only because I feel lonely eating alone or needs someone to talk to. The ones who intently listen to my rants and frustrations and help me get over through the healing power of laughter and ice cream. The ones who do not get tired of reading my writings, generous in giving compliments, advice, and words of genuine concern. The ones who, even with the knowledge that I won't speak up, still ask what's wrong, why I am sad, etc. The ones who assure me that in the future, I'll be offered a dance, a date, a companion, a shoulder to cry on, a warm embrace, a coffee treat.

- An inspiring book. I thank God for great, positive, motivating authors. Real people writing about the realities of the world, both the good and the bad, but has the power to make the readers focus more on what's good, beautiful and worth keeping. I thank God for the consoling, liberating and comforting feeling that lovely words bring. That even just in leafing through the pages, we see, we smell, we touch and we feel how wonderful it is to live.

How about you? What are you thankful for this merry Monday?


  1. This is lovely! I do Merry Mondays every week on my blog, you should leave a link for yours :)

  2. Oh, I will! Thanks for reading. I actually got the inspiration from you and I've been wanting to let you know to sort of ask for permission :)