The Waiting Series: Patience, Friends & Coffee

Friday, November 25, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Thank God it's Friday! End of a very busy work week and again, a time for "The Waiting Series". If you missed the first, read it here.

Something to ponder on:

Great words indeed. If only I could write them on the palm of my hand to remind me each and everyday to be patient, to endure this journey that so much involves waiting for that right person to come. Patience, self-control, fortitude - entail rewards. Take for example, putting on hold a seemingly nice purchase and eventually finding something else that's way better but at a cheaper price. Sometimes, life gives us chances to contemplate first before we act. And at the end of the day, we find ourselves getting what we truly deserve. (I just hope we get to sense when to stop waiting and start taking action. @_@)

One of the things that keeps me patient, what makes me endure, is the presence of friends - genuine friends. Lately, I've greatly appreciated the value of good conversations. I have come to realize that I am surrounded with great people and all I have to do is to spend time with them more often. I have come to understand that although I've known them for years I have not really exerted much effort to get to know them better...I have not really seen them beyond the usual greetings and the occasional chat. And you know, it is true that we get to know ourselves better through others and I believe knowing who we really are is a great way to enjoy singlehood. A great way to grow our character. A wonderful opportunity to turn ourselves into the best person we can be. 

A few days ago, I went out with some male friends. And it's quite refreshing to hear their take on things like relationships, friendship, and everything and anything under the sun. I don't usually get to hear their side coz I didn't have a lot of male friends in college, but thanks to my seminarian brother and seminarian highschool classmate, I have gained a few very sensible male (seminarian) friends over the years.

Some bits of wisdom/trivial stuff/realizations I gathered on our conversation over coffee:
- Guys (particularly my seminarian friends) love watching romantic films too. They have even memorized some cheesy lines and match them to a certain movie title. Which is, I guess, amazing! haha

- Sometimes, we don't have to chase after the things that we want. In some instances, they just come without us knowing.

- When I get married in the future, hopefully some of my friends would be priests by then and one of them could officiate the ceremony (minus the stipend :D) And that it should be held in Caleruega, Batangas (husband-to-be should be able to afford it, hehe). And when that day comes, due to the number of seminarians I know, people might wonder whether it's a wedding or an ordination. haha

- We'll never really know the purpose of things happening the way they are until they all become things of the past and we look back and connect the dots (via Steve Jobs). God works in amazing ways that he turns failures to triumphs. Such as in the case of my friend, Junel. If he got into a different university and didn't enter the seminary I wouldn't have met all the amazing friends I have now and life would be totally different.

- Dreams, wishes - they really do come true. Prayers are answered, maybe not instantly, but we'll eventually see how God wonderfully orchestrated things to grant our heart's desires.

With moments like this, I don't really mind waiting. Being patient, being optimistic, is a lot easier with great companions. With chats over frapp. With laughter reverberating.

And so I continue to pray. I continue my journey toward self discovery. I continue knowing better the lovely people around me. Because more often than not, we get the best when we wait. When we wait with a happy heart. When we wait while already having the time of our lives.

How about you? What do you do while waiting?

Thanks for reading and have a glorious weekend!! :)