Ice Cream Galore

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(Posted: May 2011)

It’s been freaking hot since summer officially kicked in two weeks ago. Last April 26th, PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) was able to record the hottest day in Metro Manila so far, at 36.1 degrees Celsius. With this kind of weather, who wouldn’t want to forever soak in a cold bubbly bath tub or Jacuzzi perhaps? But then again, Pinoys have all sorts of creative ways (not to mention delicious ways) to fight the heat! The simplest and one of the most delectable is eating ICE CREAM!!

A year ago, my foreigner friends brought me to the Manila Peninsula Hotel. They toured me around, as if I was the one visiting a foreign country (hehe), and bought a nice sweet (not to mention expensive) treat for me.

A generous serving of three kinds of ice cream…
I Dream of Cookies N' Cream:
 Double Dutch, Rocky Road and Cookies n' Cream in
a bed of sweetened slices of banana topped with whipped cream, Oreo mini
and slivers of chocolate! yummy to the nth level!
Then one of them ordered this classic dessert,
Banana Split Hit: 
Scoops of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream in between banana
slices drizzled with chocolate syrup, made more
tempting with whipped cream rosettes,cuts of white
chocolate and topped with cherry.
And this tempting treat oozing with caffeine...
Cafe Crumble Creation: 
French Vanilla and Coffee Ice Cream with whipped cream, whole coffee beans,
chocolate strips and a wafer stick; a different indulgence for caffeine
lovers aside from the usual brewed coffee and frapuccino.
All four cost P400 each (roughly $9), expensive you must say. Thus, I highly advise that you eat this with someone, a friend or someone more than just a friend :), so you can truly enjoy these cold sweet delights. Anyway, it's not everyday that we eat such high-priced and mouth-watering desserts.

But, here's the queen of all ice cream...
Pen Pals:
19 scoops of ice cream and sorbets in a humongous crystal
deep dish with fresh fruits, marshmallows and wafer sticks.
This is, beyond words, the ultimate ice cream. Costs 990 pesos (almost $23).
We didn't order "Pen Pals" at the time of our visit, but I was told that one of my foreign friends ate this gigantic dessert all by herself in one sitting! I just couldn't imagine! :)