Merry Monday: The Aftermath of the Party

Monday, December 12, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Hello friends!! :)

For workers like me, we are all back to work again. For students (like me, two/three years ago), hold on right there, cause Christmas break is just around the corner. Hurray for you, dearies!! (It's those long breaks in between semesters and the holidays that make me wish I am a student again, but then being a part of the workforce has its perks too!) Anyway, it is a merry Monday indeed!

Let me tell you why:

- Weekend had been so great. Had so much fun partying with Mukha-Ad friends and the graduates of Batch 22. Although, I got home quite late, waking up this morning was something I really looked forward to because of the numerous photos I was excited to see.

- Got Bob Ong books for my first ever "real" Christmas presents this year. Will surely read them before going to bed later.

- Got this nice and sweet photo from my Korean friend, Eunjo unni. This really made me smile this morning as it was the first picture I saw on facebook.

- Officemate Jeri bought icecream!! Yay! Why is it that everytime my heart is crushed someone comes along bringing a tub of this iced dessert?! God's angels... so love them and so love the ice cream!!

- Jaden, my student/teacher, said he got an e-dictionary for me and will send it soon! whoa! Can't believe that he's serious..!!

- Starbucks is celebrating its 14th anniversary. And because of this, instead of the usual 17 stickers needed to get the 2012 planner, coffee-drinkers would only need to get 14!! Which means, I'm down to my last 3 frappe's. Sbux Planner, wait for me on the 15th! ^^

How about you? Is it a Merry Monday too?! I do hope that it is! 

Photo courtesy of Cha Revaldo