Merry Monday: Hot Drink, Gentlemen and Alone Time

Monday, December 05, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Christmas is definitely in the air. Just look at this red cute mug with a candy cane for a holder! The perfect mug this holiday season. Got this from Dapitan Arcade last Wednesday at 70 pesos. I've been wanting to have a Starbucks mug, but I guess, this one's way cuter (and far cheaper #grin from ear to ear).

Anyway, it's Monday again friends. Back to work. Back to commuting. Back to eating pantry food. Back to whatever it is that's connected to wage-earning. Honestly, I woke up at the wrong side of the bed today. I made my way to an ever crowded train station with a sulky face, thinking about a particular person the entire time when I was not supposed to, and contemplating whether I'd take a taxi to arrive at work on time or to take a bus to save money. I chose the latter so I was 15 minutes late. 

Time and again we are told that the day turns out the way we think about it in our head. So, instead of drowning in the things that were not happening right and the thoughts that were far from positive, I thought about the things that made me smile today and the past weekend,

So, here's my list:

- Hot drink. There is an endless supply of hot chocolate drink and coffee at work. These are the stuff that keep us, employees, awake and full. :) I particularly love mixing hot choco drink and cafe latte for an instant hot mocha beverage. Perfect for this day's rainy morning.

- Gentlemen. Sadly, I rarely bump into thoughtful men these days. And whenever I do, they never fail to put a smile on my face. Today, I came across two. One is a team manager who gladly opened the door for me when he saw that it I was holding two cups and opening the door myself was quite difficult. Second was the security guard in the bank who offered to hail a cab for me because it was raining so hard and I forgot to bring an umbrella. :D

- Alone Time. I love being with friends. But I also consider it grace to do things on my own. Such instance was last Saturday when I watched a romantic comedy film by myself. I planned to watch "Breaking Dawn" but ended up watching "Won't Last A Day Without You". Watching a film alone is not new to me. I actually watched "Eclipse" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by myself. I loved that I could laugh so hard, scream, or cry without worrying about my companions' reaction. I loved it because I was not concerned of anything else but the characters and the story I was watching. And I am glad that I left the cinema, smiling. The money I paid was worth it. It was a nice, refreshing movie that made me believe in true love (even more).

- The Chance to Make Someone Smile Today. 

How about you? How was your weekend? And how was your Monday?