Mr. Kimbob's Bibimbop

Thursday, December 22, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

It was Friday night and my stomach was grumbling. I was tired of eating the usual fast food - burger, spaghetti, chicken. I wanted to eat something healthy and something delicious. I went to SM Ayala Foodcourt and was literally dizzy at the numerous food stores to choose from. Almost everything didn't look appetizing to me. Then I caught sight of a food stall selling authentic Korean dishes - Mr. Kimbob.

At first, I was hesitant to "waste" my money on Korean food when I could eat it for free at my student's house thrice a week. Then I saw one customer accepting her order of bibimbob. It was very attractive. So I thought, I wanted to try bibimbop too!

I ordered beef bibimbop. And I was happy seeing it served in a sizzling platter with all the colorful vegetables. It's smell was deliciously intoxicating. But I felt the serving was too large for me to eat all by myself.

Bibimbop is basically rice with shredded vegetables - cabbage, carrots, kangkong, sayote (?) and kimchi plus stir-fried beef  (as shown in the picture). Here, it is topped with fried egg but I've seen it eaten with raw egg too!
The printed label around the platter says that it is best to  mix it with a special Gochujang sauce or Korean pepper paste. I didn't bother mixing it with Gochujang since I didn't feel eating anything spicy that night.It was already a bit spicy because of kimchi.
I must say that the food was yummy! The vegetables were perfect, rice was ok too, and the beef was flavorful but a little too salty. Overall, Mr. Kimbob's bibimbob is something I'd recommend to friends. It's filling and very much affordable!

You can find Mr. Kimbob in numerous SM Malls. For store locator, click here.