Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

It used to be Merry Monday. But honestly, yesterday was one depressing Monday and I just couldn't bring myself to write anything cause I know nothing good would come out of it. I was really upset, add to that the fact that I've been sleep deprived for days and my emotions are totally unstable. But then, did you know that the mercy of God is new every morning? And that everyday, the moment we wake up, we are renewed and given a fresh start.

So here I am, back on my feet, facing the day with so much gratitude. Yes, there are days when I easily forget how blessed I am, and I am just thankful that the people around me never fail to make it known that I am indeed basking in the grace of God.

- Last Thursday, I was able to attend UST's Paskuhan for the first time. And it was such a delightful experience. I loved how UST was beautifully decorated with lights and how it felt so safe to roam around and be in the middle of a crowd on a concert. :)

- It was also overwhelming to see Parokya ni Edgar perform live and up close. Since higschool, I have always been a fan. And it was amazing how I could sing their songs by heart although I don't look like the type of person who digs into their kind of music. hehe

- I got my 2012 Starbucks Planner! Hurray! This was my ultimate mission last Thursday. And I am glad to report, "Mission Accomplished".

- I attended our company's year-end party and I really had a blast! The program's host was Luis Manzano and he is indeed great in his craft. I feel so grateful to belong in a company that is home to diverse and very creative people. A company that truly cares for its employees and wants nothing but the best for us. And honestly, I just feel so lucky to have a job.

- Dawn Masses started last December 16th and I am proud to say that I managed to wake up early and go to church, on the first day (the rest is a different story..hehe)

- I took part in "Pinggan Para Sa Pipe Organ" a Breakfast for a cause for the restoration of Sto. Domingo Church's Pipe Organ. Ticket was at Php150.00, not bad for a chance to help put back the pipe organ in its "original" splendor and be heard again.

- I received my 2nd and 3rd Christmas presents last Sunday. I felt so loved. @_@ And when I got to work yesterday, there was another present waiting on my desk, and another one this morning! Gifts overflowing! I love it.

- I went shopping for gifts yesterday and I am glad that I'm done wrapping the first batch and I'll be wrapping the 2nd batch tonight! Buying gifts is actually a bit stressful, but I'm willing to do it all for LOVE. haha

Wow, this list could just go on and on. So, I'd just stop right here. How about you guys, what have been your blessings lately? Has it been a terrific Tuesday?