The Waiting Series: You and me. Me and him. You and her.

Friday, December 23, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

It's Friday! And It's two days before Christmas! Yay!  I know everyone's already in a festive mood, but I'm sorry if I'm gonna be a spoiler just for today by sharing this painful bit of reality.:(

A friend who has this wonderful gift with words wrote this poem after watching a movie. And she tagged this to me on Facebook. With her permission, I'm gonna share this with you. I know, just like me, you have also found yourself in a similar situation.

Please read on...

Crazy Love
by Jane Tacorda

Have you ever known what it is to love?
Have you ever felt the warmth of words,

Heard the assuring voice of silence,

Or seen the dawn through another’s eyes?

I do.

And, yet, with you..

 I have known how it is to be alone.
I have felt the coldness of a touch,

Heard slicing damnation in utter rejection,

And, never saw the future with hope.

Loving someone,
Who doesn’t love you back…

 You and me. Me and him. You and her.
What you do to me, she does to you.

What I do to you, he does for me.

Funny. This crazy word. This love.

Tangled. What's more painful than seeing the person you love falsely believe that you love someone else? And because of this, he finds himself somebody else to love. Huh! So messed up.

Or, he's entirely not in love with you. Unrequited. Heart shatters to bits. Totally not new to me.

Or, you like him. He likes you too. But you can't be together. How cool is that? Heartbreaking.

How many times, in this lifetime, do we have to find ourselves in this sticky situation before we finally claim that it is "You and Me", it is "Us"? Can we skip this whole thing and move on to our happily ever after?

But then, maybe it's part of the whole process of waiting. We cannot choose who to love. We cannot avoid getting hurt. Love strikes in the most unexpected moment, in the least expected place, with the person we least imagined. We fall. We stumble. But then we learn from our heartaches. Most of all, we love - without even waiting to be loved. Without even hoping to be held and embraced. 

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