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[Warning: As the day was long, so is this post. Picture-heavy too :D]

Yesterday, November 30th, was a holiday. I believe most people opted to rest, or at least wake up a bit late than usual. But I chose to do a number of other things and get up at 6:30 in the morning - just like every ordinary week/work day.

So here was how the day went.

9:00 am
I went to Sto. Domingo Church to witness the Ordination of five Dominican brothers to the Diaconate. Three of them are members of Mukha-Ad, so I sort of had a reason to attend - moral support. :D
Five Dominican brothers ordained as Deacons at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary La Naval de Manila on the feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle.
Newly-ordained Deacons with His Eminence, Jose Cardinal Sanchez, D.D.
(Second from the left: Rev. Manoj Rasanjana Angodage Don, O.P.; Rev.Jeremy Realubit, O.P.; Rev. Bejay Namuag, O.P.; [third from the right] Rev. Paul Lovell Javier, O.P.; and Rev. Rudolf Steven Seño, O.P.)

Photo op with Rev. Paul Lovell Javier, O.P. (better known as "Kuya Lovell") with some members of Mukha-Ad.
Lunch at Angelicum Gym with Kuya Lovell with "more" Mukha-Ad members.
Photo op with Rev. Rudolf Steven Seño, O.P. (better known as "Kuya Rudolf") with other Mukha-Ad Members. Kuya Rudolf was last year's Spiritual Animator - the same office I am assigned to this year.
Photo op with Rev. Bejay Namuag, O.P. I just recently found out that he's a cousin of my good friend and highschool classmate, Victor.
Photo op with Rev. Jeremy Realubit, O.P. He is a member of Mukha-ad. Actually, he joined Mukha-Ad as a lay participant first before entering the seminary (source:older/senior Mukha-Ad mems).
An occasion like this really calls for a great celebration. The brothers have worked, struggled, and prayed so hard to reach this far and it's only right that we join them in this momentous event. It is the community's hope that all five of them will be ordained priests; that we may see an increase in the number of holy workers in God's vineyard.

3:00 pm
I, with the rest of the gang, just rested for a couple of hours before we headed to Dapitan Arcade. The place, I was told, is filled with numerous stores selling handcrafted holiday and home decorations. Most of the decors were made right there so they are actually sold at affordable prices.  And since we are already in the gift-giving season, visiting Dapitan Arcade is surely a must! Especially for some of us, working peeps, who have to get some Christmas presents for friends at work.

We took a jeepney from Sto. Domingo Church and dropped off at Welcome Rotonda. Then we just had to walk a bit. The area is not as huge as Divisoria but there are wide arrays of stuff to choose from. 

Eight of us walking along the street on a sunny afternoon. Yes, the green umbrella is mine and I am the one in black  (a very inappropriate outfit in a marketplace like Dapitan Arcade) :D
These potteries are for sale. But they're just too huge. hehe
Very colorful home decors. I want these, only smaller.
Different Santa Claus figurines. Cute! Must have this Christmas season.
The Nativity Scene, better known as "Belen" in Filipino, made of rattan(?) I am not sure. :D
All sorts of gift boxes and gift items.
Storage boxes/baskets for all kinds of stuff. I want to have these too! Next time. I really have to go back.
Lovely artificial flowers. But I still prefer the fresh ones. ^^
Candle holder. Nice holiday present.
Woven baskets.
Mugs. Exactly the kind that I want.
Christmas candle holder/center piece.
Three happy buyers. I bought the nice big red mug with a gingerbread man. Got the mug at 70.00 pesos. Yay!
Anyway, if you think, the day ended after our Dapitan Arcade "shopping", you're wrong.

5:00 pm
The group, eight of us (Albert, Nicka, Cam, Kuya Alecks, Kuya JP, Fray Toto, Cha and myself), took an FX from Welcome Rotonda to SM North. We had an early dinner (no pictures :C) and played at Tom's World for a few minutes, big thanks to Albert (again, no pictures :C). Then we watched "Happy Feet". It was a nice, feel-good movie with lots of dancing, singing and penguins. hehe. The baby penguin "Eric" was bursting with cuteness!! And although the movie is not that great and some actually say that it is a flop there were some words of wisdom I got from the flying Pengin which is a typical bird in actuality:

"If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours!" 

The movie was quite short. It started at 6:50 and ended at around 8:20. Nobody wanted to go home just yet.

8:30 pm
We immediately headed to North Pole!! Yes, where Santa lives. Which at that day was conveniently located at SM North Sky Dome. :) The mall has put up nice picture-worthy Christmas sceneries like Frosty the Snowman, the reindeers, Santa's Den, and so on. The pictorial officially began!
Kuya Alecks at the North Pole.
Behind the frosted window, waiting for... someone :D
Inside Santa's Den.
Inside the Reindeers' Barn.
With the Reindeers. We looked for Rudolph but weren't able to spot a red-nosed reindeer. :(

Inside Santa's Mailroom
Still, Inside Santa's Mailroom
Outside Mrs. Claus' Kitchen
Inside Mrs. Claus' Kitchen with Santa's wife, herself. :)
Cha with Frosty the Snowman
All smiles. Happy Mukha-Aders on a holiday.
9:30 pm

Time to go home. :) It was indeed a jam-packed holiday. 12 hours of  fun with good friends who are truly worth keeping. I am really looking forward to more bonding sessions in the future... more picture takings... more ordinations... more opportunities to celebrate life and to be thankful.

I am sure there will be more and more of these. The greatest holiday is yet to come. 

 Photos courtesy of Myself, Cha Revaldo
and Mukha-Ad


  1. Thanks for dropping by Kuya Alecks! Next time ulit... :)

  2. Hi There!!! I am actually trying to locate an old friend of mine. A childhood friend from school. After a long search, I found my long lost buddy (or the name atleast) on your blog. I am looking for Rudolf Steven N Seno. Could you please let me know if this is the same Rudolf who studied with me in Grammar School, Dubai? Thank you very much!!!