Images of My First 2012 Weekend @ Talim Island

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Nicajoice 0 Comments

My friend, Ate Neri, whom I met last 2010 (we belong in the same Caring Group* and stuck with it for a year) celebrated her birthday last week so she invited us to visit her family's home for a simple get-together and island sight-seeing. I have missed my CG friends dearly. I have not spent much time with them last year. So straight from the airport, January 7th, armed with ate Neri's instructions and a brave soul, I set out on my first "adventure" for 2012 - a trip to Talim Island. 

I was not worried, I knew I would get to my destination safely. Living in the metropolis for almost seven years now has taught me that I could never get lost as long as I read street-jeepney-fx-bus-signs and I am never shy to ask for directions when in doubt. As Filipinos say, "pwede namang magtanong." (One can always ask).

So, on that Saturday morning, I took an FX to Binangonan, Rizal from SM Megamall. The route going to Binangonan was very much unfamiliar to me. It was far, at least an hour. If I remember it right, I passed by Angono and Taytay (sorry, I slept half of the time. I felt sorry and thankful for the girl beside me whose shoulder caught the weight of my heavy head and who was kind enough not to complain or brush me aside).

I got to Pritil (Binangonan Town Proper) at around 12 noon. I was lucky cause the boat was almost ready to go when I arrived.

The boat was filled with more or less twenty people.
There were all kinds of stuff too. Boxes, water galloons, LPG tanks,etc.
I was glad that the weather was fine that day. It was my only fear - dark skies, rain. I know how shaky boats can be while sailing on rainy days specially when waves are huge. It's one of the reasons why I prefer taking the plane going to Samar and back even though a bus-ferryboat-bus means of transportation is much cheaper, plus it's too exhausting.
[Left]A view of the Island from the boat.
I reached Barrio Bangad an hour later. This is where boats dock.
I was welcomed by Ate Neri, Ate Jo (our CG Head), Kuya Jack, Mich and Julalaine (new CG members). :) It turned out that most of our other peers couldn't join us that day. It would have been a lot more fun with them around but I'm happy nevertheless. It was nice to see familiar faces and meet new ones. I had quick lunch (cause they ate already while waiting for me) and off we went to see some parts of the Island. Picture takings later ensued, as always :)
View of Laguna Lake from the backyard of Ate Neri's sister's house.
[Right] Going to a hill overlooking the lake. [Left] A view of the island from the hill.
Green trees... Blue sky... Loving God's creations.
[Right] Tiny fishes caught from the Lake. (sorry, I forgot the name).
[Left] A man catching these small fishes using a net while the setting sun gives a calming glow.
[Right] Ate Jo, showing as her prowess in playing the flute.
[Left] Mitch, documenting this momentous event. :D
Beautiful Sunset. Serene image captured even without the use of a high-def camera.
Nature never ceases to amaze me, us.

And with that sunset ends our short visit and tour to the simple Island of Talim. I didn't know there is such a nice place relatively near from the buzzing Metro. Seeing the place and my friends was worth all the effort. And I bet, this year will be filled with such trips - long and short, far and near, alone, with family or with friends.

It's gonna be awesome!

*Caring Group is a small group of 8 to 15 people who meet each week in a convenient location to learn, pray, have fun and build healthy relationships (a way of discipleship by the Light of Jesus Family - a Catholic community founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez).