Jogakbo: Korean Traditional Patchwork

Friday, January 20, 2012 Nicajoice 1 Comments

Yesterday was my first visit to KCC (Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines). And I was lucky that I had the chance to see an exhibit of Korean traditional patchwork - Jogakbo.

Jogakbo, I was told, literally means pieces of cloth. It is an expression of Korean women's beauty and creativity. A craft that has been passed down from generations to generations.

I also heard that the pieces of cloth used in the quilts are the same fabrics used in making hanbok, the traditional Korean clothing. Thus, the bright colors and the glossy silk embossed with different designs and patterns. 

a closer look at one of the quilts. captivating vibrant colors.
these are two of my favorites. [left] simple and looks very delicate.
[right] regal - reminds me of the ancient royalties in Korea.
a wall filled with different designs of jogakbo.
more jogakbo in varying patterns and color combination.
Originally, such patchworks were meant for daily use. If I am right, I have seen Koreans use it to wrap lunchboxes or other gifts. These are also used as household decorations. And over time, jogakbo has been used to create everyday accessories like bags, pouches, bookmarks and breastpins.

And yesterday, in time for Seollal or the Korean Lunar New Year, I joined a jogakbo-pouch-making class. It was so much fun!

Look at the pouch I made!

You better check out my next post as I will try to show you how I made this cute traditional Korean "lucky Pouch".

Getting a better look at a different culture is quite fun! It will surely broaden your horizon. You should try it too.

If you're interested in Korean culture I suggest that you visit the website of KCC and enroll in their classes or join in their fabulous events.

You can also like KCC's Facebook page to get daily updates.

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