Stories Behind the Starbucks Planner

Thursday, January 12, 2012 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Many people would think that collecting stickers for a Starbucks planner is a waste of money. I thought so too. So I never collected. The craze would start and end without me ever trying. Not until last year (it's still weird to refer to 2011 as "last year") when collecting stickers was a breeze. Effortless. I had to "beg", a little, haha. But completing the required number was a piece of cake. I even had "left-overs". All because I had friends who supported my new-found desire to grab that handy-dandy organizer. I didn't have to drink all 17 beverages by myself, thank God!

The 2012 Starbucks planner is more eco-friendly. It comes in five different colors - same design but made from various materials. The cover is made of wooden finishes - Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce, and Oak. It comes with a bookmark, and packed with a free sleeve with two inside pockets (cute!). Click here for pictures.

Anyway, I started collecting stickers last November 16th. I had dinner with a group of friends at Classic Savory. There were five of us. And pretty much out of the lack of better things to do (and since the night was still young) we opted to chat and have coffee at Starbucks. There came my first five stickers!

A week after, I was able to collect 4! when my friends and I went to Makati to have Thai Massage at TonTon's. Bits of that day's story here.
Then again, a week after, on a Saturday I asked my friend Albert to hang-out with me because it felt so sad to eat dinner alone. It was very much unplanned so he didn't make it to dinner, instead we had coffee and pastries. I got 2 stickers that night.
Finally, the night that I got my planner! Hurray! December 15th, right after attending UST Paskuhan 2011 and watching Parokya ni Edgar perform live (story here). 
 I got Oak!
Mission Accomplished! :)
When some friends ask me how many cups of coffee I gulped and sipped to get this, I just laugh. Cause in truth, I only had four. I didn't spend much. I got my planner and I was able to hang-out with friends. I had fun and I got to know them better. Shooting two birds with one stone.

Now I'm ready to plan for the year. And I guess, whether I'd still collect for the 2013 planner or not, the bonding over coffee continues.