Anima Christi

Tuesday, February 07, 2012 Nicajoice 6 Comments

I am not a musician. I can't play any musical instrument. I am totally dumb when it comes to reading musical notes. But I do appreciate good music. And it is my dream to one day play the piano. So, I was so glad that last Sunday was piano day. I greatly appreciate my friend's effort to teach me a bit of the basics. I never thought piano jamming session is quite possible and not to mention, so much fun.

I asked Cha to play Anima Christi, one of my favorite Church songs. This song reminds me of my highschool days. Studying in a Catholic school developed in me the habit of going to Church not only on Sundays but on other holy days of obligation as well as every first Friday of the month. I was once a member of the choir (well, all fourth year students were). And I always loved the Communion part because of this song. It never fails to stir my emotions. It inspires me, strengthens me. The piano intro gives me goosebumps. It is a simple but very powerful song.

So, Cha played it and we (Carol, Kuya Aaron and I) sort of sang along. But you won't really hear our voices too well. The audio quality is quite poor because I recorded it using a mobile phone. I just want to post this as a keepsake of that day and because this song means so much to me.
Soul of Christ
Sanctify me
Body of Christ save me
Water from the side of Christ
Wash me, Passion of Christ
Give me strength

Hear me Jesus
Hide me in thy wounds
That I may never leave thy side
From all the evil that surrounds me
Defend me and when the call of death arrives
Bid me come to thee
That I may praise thee
With thy saints forever

For you to better appreciate the song, check out this version of Bukas Palad Music Ministry or this choral version of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. I hope you too find inspiration in this song  - that through the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, we are given new life. :)


  1. I also love this song. And like you, I'm a music-lover, too :)

  2. Hi! :) Would you mind asking your friend if she has a copy of the music sheet of anima christi? If possible, could you/she send it to me please? I really really need it and I\d be glad if you could. :) Thanks! Nice header btw. ^^

    1. Hi Kimmy! Sure, I'll ask her. But, how will I send you the music sheet? Would you let me know your email add? You can email me at, i'll get back to you once I get a copy of the music sheet :)

      Thanks for dropping by. :)