Lovin' Love Day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Nicajoice 7 Comments

Have you read my letter yesterday?

Well, I'm happy to report that Valentine's Day was a blast. It was amazing to be back in the University of the Philippines (UP) not for any school requirement or offcial business but just to have fun and mingle with distinguished people in the academe and fellow "Iskolar ng Bayan". I felt so lucky to be there, honestly. I didn't know that the last minute push to join Lakad Kaibigan would lead me to get an invitation for a Valentine Dinner at the Executive House hosted by the UP President Alberto Pascual and his wife.

I was with Grace.

{look at us! it's always fun dressing up for events like this.}
It was a bit disheartening to think that we didn't have "dates" but we were certain we would enjoy the night as much as we could. We got to the Executive House at exactly 7pm. It was a bit awkward at first, seeing the set-up was very intimate and we didn't know a lot of people in the event. Good thing our very sweet Speech Professor introduced us around.

Here are the seven things I so so love about the event (aside from the opportunity to wear a dress! haha).

1. Meeting new people. Some of the attendees I have met already during the event Lakad Kaibigan last January 29th.

2.) Good food. I wished for a sumptous dinner and I got what I wished for! There was fresh lumpia, sauteed vegetables, beef and mushroom salpicao, and almond crusted norwegian salmon (which was the yummiest). There were fruits, cupcakes, mango tapioca and tiramisu for dessert!
3.) The funny/cheesy/"guessing" game (where I got to be Eve for the night). And guess what? I'm not usually lucky when it comes to games like this, but Adam and I won! haha. Hurray for the competitive me!
4.) These candid shots.

5.) The dancing. The twisting, grooving and turning until we were dizzy and panting kind of dancing. It was so much fun to dance, I just realized! haha. I was with a bunch of strangers so I didn't mind dancing a bit (hihi), they don't see me on a regular basis anyway. The song of the night was "Build Me Up, Buttercup". Funny because we danced to the same song using different dance moves, cha cha cha, boogie, swing. We got instant dance lessons from a fellow alumna and from our professors. It was nice dancing in a huge circle, doing choo choo train then everyone stopped and each one got to dance in the middle. Of course, as feared, somebody pulled me into the center and I "danced" for two seconds like no one was watching. Grace and I stuck with each other when we were supposed to have "couple" dances (you know, the part when a guy's supposed to ask us to dance) like swing! haha It was fun dancing with Grace too, she was the one leading coz she's the better dancer apparently.

{Thank goodness no pictures for this! I was busy... dancing!! ^^}

6.) I also got to talk to  my Theatre Professor. And I was glad he still remembers me. Not my name I guess, but at least my face. I also got to see again my ever elegant Math Professor who made me appreciate the subject and saved me from hating it til eternity. Plus I get to experience again the sweetness and cheerfulness of one of my most admired Speech Professors :D

7.) Of Course, the rose. I love flowers. Need I say more? hehe

Happiness is the sum of all seven things.

I am actually glad that I'm single coz I get to enjoy like this.  I think, God knows that I need to socialize more, widen my horizon and have fun before I can fully give my attention to that one special person.

How about you, friends? How was your Love Day? I hope they are love-filled and fun-filled too!


  1. Homay. :( I would have loved to be with you all last night. But well,I received a serenade from my class yesterday,bawing bawi na. :)) Happy Benson's day! :D

    1. you should have partied with us!! haha. Happy Benson's Day too! ^^ what did they sing for you? :)

  2. P.S. I love your dressesssss.. Hehe. :))

  3. This is absolutely cool! Never thought Mr. President would share the love this Valentine's! Oh nakahanap na ba kayong dalawa? :)

    1. Just read your comment Gelo, blogger thought it's a spam! haha... anyway, yeah.. the event was so cool! unfortunately, hindi kami nakahanap! haha. but the effort was all worth it! ^^

  4. Ako'y Sayo at Ika'y Akin Lamang. Hehe. :)