Weednesday Freebies (and My Bestfriend)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Nicajoice 0 Comments

My highschool bestfriend celebrated her birthday last Feb. 26th. I almost forgot it, to tell you the truth. But I knew, when I woke up that morning, that the day is supposed to be special.

Helen and I were inseparable back then. She was, as I called her, my living diary. She knew almost everything. We knew each other's secrets. We would chat during break times, even during class hours (through writing on a piece of paper, funny and clever idea! haha). I would always go to her family's house (along with a few of our classmates) specially after our exams to relax, play and have fun. We were more than friends, we were like sisters.

But then, after high school, things became a bit different. We promised we would keep in touch, and we did. But I guess we got hooked up on own our lives that keeping such a strong friendship became quite a challenge. We don't talk as often anymore. And we rarely see each other. The pictures above were taken a year ago, during Kent and Sheng's wedding (three years since the last time Helen and I saw each other).

Yet, I have this feeling that I always have a friend in her. I miss the times when we would talk non-stop, especially when my other friends can't seem to understand what I am going through. I know when I tell Helen something, she can get it right away as if she were on my shoes. And this thought makes me miss her all the more.

I know I've been bad at keeping our communication lines open. But I promised myself that I'll try my very best to revive old friendships because I terribly miss my (highschool) friends. It's one of those relationships I'd like to keep forever.

To my dear friend, Zis, belated Happy Birthday! You know (I hope you do) that you are so dear to me. I love you!

On another news, if you'd like to make your own scrapbook page using the elements I used above, you are on the right track, coz I'm giving them away here! It's Wednesday and as always, I have two design kits ready for download.
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Don't miss the chance to download these kits today! Try them out and share your creations here. I'd love to see them and I'm sure others would like to get some designing inspiration from you!

Happy scrapbooking! And have a happy Wednesday!

Come back next Wednesday
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Because all of you are so dear to me! :)