StopOver Pizza & Pasta

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Nicajoice 0 Comments

After Serenitea, Junel and I decided to meet my (our) other friend, Albert to have dinner. We already had a resto in mind. We were craving for some good street food which Junel said could be found in Eat Fresh, around Banawe area too. But we were so upset coz the resto was closed. So, we had to stop for a while and think. We were really up to some good dining experience that night. While walking, we spotted a small pizza and pasta restaurant.  And we thought, it wouldn't hurt to try something new.

We had the following yummy goodness!

1. World Tour Pizza Oriental Flavors
It's a four-flavored pizza inspired by three countries - Korea, Japan and Philippines.
- 2 slices of Korean Beef Bulgogi Pizza (beef marinated in bulgogi sauce made with apples and pears, topped with mozzarella cheese drizzled with Korean dressing, sesame oil and spring onions.)
very  flavorful, I must say. one of the best sellers
- 2 slices of  Seafood Wasabi Pizza (cream sauce with buttered shrimps & kani, mozzarella and cheddar chesse drizzled with wasabi dressing)
- 2 slices of Terimayo Chicken Pizza (grilled chicken topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheese, onions, and drizzles with special teriyaki sauce, japanese mayo dressing and aonori flakes)
- 2 slices of Smokey Tinapa Pizza (tinapa flakes topped with onions, cheddar and mozzarella cheese)
P250 (10 in.)/P420 (14 in.)
my favorite. I like the delightful blend of salty tinapa, cheese and onion
2. Stop Over Wings
Crispy chicken wings served with house gravy (classic wings)
P120 (4 pcs.)/P240 (8pcs.)/P360 (12 pcs.)
I absolutely love these chicken wings! crispy, not oily and not too salty
3. Creamy Carbonara
Pasta served with a creamy sauce with bits of bacon, sweet onion & parmesan cheese.
served with breadsticks.  P150 (solo)/P295 (for sharing)
pasta is cooked al dente, delicious but i guess need to be served with more sauce

We totally enjoyed our food. The resto's customer service was commendable too. Although the place was not that spacious, we were able to comfortably finish our meal and had enough freedom to be as loud as we could! We were asked how was the food, whether we were satisfied, and we were, definitely! Another pleasant surprise was when this delectable ice cream was served on our table for free!

It's tequila rose, an iced dessert with a kick! It's delicious. It's creamy and sweet with a hint of tequila, but the after taste isn't too intense which is exactly the thing I like about it. It's a must-try (again). It's a super premium ice cream from Elfav Ice Creamery valued at P90.

Other interesting ice cream flavors are: bleeding eyeballs/bacon & cheese/choco chili/red wine.
P40 (classic)/P50 (premium)/P90 (super premium)
We are definitely going back to STOPOVER to try out all the other intriguing pizza and icecream flavors! You'll love it there too, I'm sure. :)

StopOver Pizza and Pasta is located at:
95 Maria Clara St.
1114 Quezon City, Philippines

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