On My Twenty-Fourth (Part III)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Nicajoice 5 Comments

I admit, I sometimes cut my posts into parts and totally forget about completing them. So is the birthday post I started in April wherein I was able to put up one and two and not the rest of it. So, here I am, redeeming myself and bringing you the third part of my oh-so-awesome 24th birthday celebration last April 1st (more than two months passed).

My friends in Mukha-Ad surprised me with a birthday banner and a birthday cake! Funny though, because I arrived in the office earlier than they all did and so Don had to hang the banner right in front me, but I was absolutely surprised seeing the cake - my cake!
It was such an amazing thing to be spending April 1st with my friends. We shared simple but delicious food. I even received two more cakes baked by my dear friend, Cha, herself.
 I definitely felt so loved and so special. They even sang a song for me - not just a birthday song. Being with such a loving group made me realize how lucky I am. I may not have all the riches in the world but I have with me real treasures that can never be bought by money. I can't thank the Lord enough for these amazing people who have enriched my life in so many ways.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who was with me that Sunday: my brother, Erick; My dear friend, Junel; the Mukha-Ad Brothers - Roy; Felix; Kuya Chris; Kuya Caloy;  Kuya Aaron; other brother friends - Glenmar; Kuya Reynor; Jayson (who I fondly call Pinsan/Cousin); My Mukha-Ad batchmates - Jestoni; Don; Mhonic and Apa (who took such great pictures) Cha; Kuya Aleckx;  Cam;  Davie; Albert and Ate Cherry.

As if the day wasn't that wonderful enough, we continued the fun at Tom's World. Albert got us free tokens and we played to our hearts' content. At the end of the three hours or so of playing, collecting tickets and singing in the karaoke section of the arcade we came out a happy bunch. We also got a prize from the tickets we gathered and the group gave it to me as my birthday gift - as if I didn't have enough of birthday presents already. But then, who am I to refuse? :D

I guess, it's one of the most memorable birthdays I've ever had. It's a great joy to be surrounded with positive and genuine people. It is such a huge blessing to be a part of these people's lives. God truly provides. He fills whatever is lacking in one's life - what I have surely suffices. And I cannot wish for anything else but for these friendships to continue to grow, for these relationships to mature and be fruitful with or without occasions. My hopes are high, because as early as now, I have seen them turn my ordinary days, extraordinary. And this my friends, is more than what a birthday-girl can ever ask for.


  1. Ang gwapo nung nasa gitna (last pic)

  2. Aw! I loved the pictures and it looks like you have a lovely group of people who truly care about you! Happy belated birthday! :) I'm Jessica, by the way!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for dropping by and for following... :) Yes, they are indeed a lovely group. I checked out your blog and I'm now a new follower.. ^^

    2. You are welcome! Thanks for following back. :)