A Letter to Juliet (Illustrated Edition)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 Nicajoice 5 Comments

Dear Juliet,

This afternoon is gloomy and raindrops have been pouring since the former hour. However, my heart feels the contrast of this day's weather. I am filled with joy reminiscing the joyous days we've shared. If I were Peter Pan, or Wendy, or Peter Pan's other friends, I would be soaring in the sky because of the happy thoughts that fill me as I remember you.

Let me share with you this story that I have creatively put together for you. 

There were two lovely servings of Blizzard* treat. At first, they were cold and solid and as yummy as they could be. But minutes and minutes passed, the two people who bought them forgot how delectable they were in their original state. The two lovely Blizzards started to melt and turn liquid. 

Blizzard One says to Blizzard Two. 

Blizzard One: Oh no, they are neglecting our existence.
Blizzard Two: Yes, but, what matters is that they're happy. Look at them! Can't you see how the guy's eyes sparkle at the sight of her? *blushes*
Blizzard One: Yeah, right! But isn't it our purpose to make them happy? It's unfair. We're becoming useless!
Blizzard Two: It's a reality we cannot avoid. What if, there is a greater source of happiness, apart from us?
Blizzard One: No, that shouldn't be the case!
Blizzard Two: But, we should accept this reality. It is our job to serve them happiness but it is their responsibility to find happiness that last. 
Blizzard One: Oh, I'm quickly turning into juice! Anyway, our sweetness cannot surpass theirs.
Blizzard Two: Yes, food and material things do not make people happy. It's the loving heart which delights at the presence of the beloved.

- Fin-


*signature Icecream by Dairy Queen
Story: Romeo
Illustration: Yours Truly


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