Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Thursday, July 26, 2012 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Lately, I have always found myself daydreaming about having my own home. I imagine this small but cozy place entirely for myself where every bit of furniture spells elegance and comfort. I want my home to be bright, full of sunshine and pleasing to the eyes. I may be far from owning my house but I have definitely seen the perfect pieces that would make my dream a reality. And all it takes is a visit to Mandaue Foam's website.

The site showcases all the awesome stuff found in Mandaue Foam's stores. And here are my top three picks!

1/Latina Bed 
A nice sleeping corner is definitely a must have for me. A huge comfy bed is what truly makes a bedroom the place we look forward to after an exhausting day at work! I love tossing from side to side and I love it when I can stretch my arms wide without worries, thus, a bed with this size definitely suits my sleeping habit. Looking at it and the obvious softness of the mattresses makes me want to just stay at home the whole day. Plus the frame is so classy it wouldn't go wrong in any dream home.

2/Atieller Dresser 
I want my dresser to match the color of my bed. And this style simply exude femininity which completes my classic bedroom look. With a dresser like this, who wouldn't want to do extra prepping before going to work? This is a piece you wouldn't want to miss!

3/ Chaise Lounge 
This is where I see myself on a lazy day especially on weekends. Lying here with a book in hand on a relaxed quiet afternoon is perfect to chase stress away. Having this beautiful furniture in the living room is enough to provide a warm welcome to visitors. 

Each piece is pretty on its own. But having all of these in my own home would surely create a warm and inviting place where I'd spend the day with family and friends rather than in the busy streets and public places in the metropolis.

Do not stop visualizing that perfect home for you. Who else knows what suits you right but yourself. Your Home, Your Imagination! And know that Mandaue Foam can make those dreams come true!

Visit the nearest Mandaue Foam showroom  or go to Mandaue Foam's website and start taking your picks. Or better yet, watch their very recent TV commercial, here.