Thursday Tune (Take 2)

Thursday, July 26, 2012 Nicajoice 6 Comments

There is that one great song or tune that dominates our day, our week, our month. We can't help but keep hitting the play button after it's over. I believe that what we love to listen to says something about us, about  our taste and about the current state of our emotions. You see, songs speak so much that mere words cannot even encapsulate. 

Join the fun! Link your favorite tune of the week here and allow it to say something about you, get to know bloggers you follow, meet new  online friends and  get to listen to awesome songs recommended by bloggers like you.


My week's tune is The Piano Guy's awesome take on One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful

I have always been fascinated by this guy's great ways of playing the piano. He adds more awesome twists on those everyday tunes we hear and what he produces is always such a delight to the ears. I love this in particular because it's very positive, refreshing, and so full of life.

How about you? What's on your playlist? Share them here. I honestly want to listen to what you guys have on your music players. Help me spread the word, grab the button below! :)

Embracing It All

Last Week's Tune:
Ships in the Night by Mat Kearney @ Over Thinking


  1. hmm, right now-a lot of katy perry haha

    come say hi at and have a lovely day!


    1. Oh, Katy Perry has a lot of great songs... :) Have a lovely day too! ^^

  2. LOVE One Direction. This song is so beautiful. Right now I am listening to oldies, you'd laugh when I tell you, 'Wake me up before you go-go' LOL

    I am your newest GFC follower from the blog hop. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi Tami! I also have a great number of old songs in my playlist.. :) Thanks for following.. :) Nice to have you here.

  3. That was seriously awesome! It sounded beautiful and you could tell they were having so much fun playing it! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica.. I had fun listening to this too.. Hope you have a great Thursday as well.. :)