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Friday, November 16, 2012 Veronica Joyce 1 Comments

dear self,

i pray you stay strong, patient and kind.  strong amidst all adversities and trials. strong because life can sometimes be so hard it can make you think about giving up. patient amidst the hurries to prosper and to grow in all aspects of your young life. patient because the urge to get to where you want to be the soonest possible time will leave you always unsatisfied of the present. just be calm, keep going, never stop. kind amidst all circumstances that push you to behave otherwise. as in the words of the Dalai Lama "be kind whenever possible... it is, always possible". 

dear grandmommy,

i miss you. my heart continues to ache for your passing. we continue to pray for you every single day. i may not sometimes utter the words, but my heart and mind pray that you receive eternal peace and happiness with our Creator. i love you always and forever.

dear christmas,

i am excited for you this year. i cannot wait to join in all the festive celebrations and be with friends and family. 

dear home,

you are mine. mine alone for God knows how long. i would love to make you more cozy and warm and inviting not only for guests but for my exhausted self at the end of a day at work. i'm gonna learn a lot from independent living, i know. and it thrills me. but it scares me a bit too! but the thrill and the joy of it make me wanna do my happy dance!

dear blog,

i am back to regular programming! :D i have missed joining link-ups, keeping up with blogger friends and making new friends a long the way. i'm here for good. plus, i got to change you a bit, i hope you liked it.

dear God,

thank you because i have a roof above my head, because i eat three (or more) times a day, because life is convenient (although not entirely perfect) for me. thank you because you have implanted dreams in my heart and they cause me to strive and breathe and not sit idle all day. thank you for the energy to slowly accomplish my goals, for the people i work these goals with, the people i dream with - people who are manifestations of your great love. Lord, i  cannot thank you enough. Your greatness is just beyond my human understanding. but i have faith that Your plans for me are good, in fact, they are awesome. thank you in advance, dear Father.


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