home alone :: thoughts on living solo

Thursday, November 22, 2012 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

independent living is serious business. and at 24, i've got my first taste of it. for so long, i've shared houses with a couple of friends and i must say i had a grand time. it was always nice to go home to a place with such a welcoming atmosphere. i particularly love my college housemates. i would come home tired and battered after a day in school and at work but i always found their presence refreshing. i would feel not so exhausted after all. the endless chat and laughter did the trick. i miss it. sharing a home with my higschool friends was also amazing. we had the same values, interests and our characters greatly complemented. each ordinary day at home was always time well-spent. always relaxing. i miss that kind of company too.

but then, we can't possibly stick together for life. people grow, they chase after their own destinies, they walk their own paths. i've been contemplating about living solo for such a long time. and for a while i thought it is beyond my means. it's still practical to share a place with another person or two. and yet, i have craved for a bit more freedom to do things my way. to feel lazy whenever i want to. to behave in my most natural self. to simply be free without ever having to worry what others might say. to feel at home.

for weeks, the idea came more like a blur. it wasn't possible. i was about to give up. but then, my prayers were answered and i found a home. with the generosity of a friend, i was able to find a place for myself in such an affordable rate. i couldn't be thankful enough! my worries all disappeared and i started to get so excited at the thought of it.

so here i am, trying life on my own. it's been barely a week and yet i am starting to feel the good and the bad of living alone. yes of course, it's got the good and the bad just like all other things and circumstances. but i know for a fact that i'll get used to it. for now, i am ecstatic at the thought of accepting guests, having family members around for a couple of weeks, unexpected visits. 

i'd rather focus on the joy and see where it leads me. :)