merry monday: a new beginning

Monday, November 05, 2012 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

literally and figuratively.

what excited me this monday was the early morning alarm, and the thought of starting the day, the workweek, anew. preparing breakfast for myself, which i haven't done for quite a while, brought a new spark to my daily routine. add to that eating healthy and eating right.

i feel so much blessed. energized more than ever. the dream of once again taking hold of my life and every tiny detail of it gives me comfort. scares me a bit too. but hey, it's time to embrace freedom in all its fullness. 

i am well aware of the fact that things will not always go my way. there'll be bumps on the road.  there'll be lazy days... when i'd choose to sleep in and procrastinate instead of taking things surely and leisurely.  when i'd feel like the mess is not enough and i'd let it sit for a week or two. when i see life and realize how it sucks big time. those are normal days and those i believe will lessen as i mature and as i grow more certain of what i want in life. it is always a process. and the struggle, the struggle always seem to start on mondays. 

and so i'm glad, that today, i'm trying to win over it. and i'm determined to make it a habit. 

so there, have a great day friends! let's make this a productive and merry monday, shall we?