on my list this Christmas /all about home/

Monday, November 12, 2012 Veronica Joyce 4 Comments

i have moved to a "new" place last week and i am all about making it as homey as possible. whenever i go to the mall these days, i readily head to the furniture/home deco section and window shop great home accessories, small appliances and furniture. as much as i'd love to splurge on cute home stuff, i'd like to purchase what i really need first.

1// a bedside lamp. i sometimes get scared sleeping at night with all lights turned off, so this is a must have. just a little source of light is not that bad.

2// a mirror. this is cute, although what i really need is a full-length one so it's easier to dress up.

3// cabinet for my clothes. i browsed through the wardrobe furniture available in ikea and this one's the cheapest at $99.99 or Php4,000! 

4// picture frame. i want lots of it. classic-looking and ornate. 

5// bedspread and pillows. i love my bed to be cozy.

my wish list definitely has a part 2. how about you? what would you love to have/receive this Christmas?

by the way, everything's from Ikea. (not a sponsored post)